Paintings with poetic rhythm

Alexandra Koroxenidis, Art Historian
from the page "ARTS", "Athens Plus", October 3 2008

"Origins and Ladders", Vassiliki Koskiniotou’s second solo exhibition which recently opened at the Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, comprises a body of abstract paintings and pastels on paper that show skill and sensitivity.

Visually akin to the paintings of Paul Klee, the works on view have a musical quality to them; they contain rhythm and in many ways resemble the visual analogy of a poem. Koskiniotou actually has a background in poetry and language.

A philologist of French literature and a polyglot, Koskiniotou made the decision to enter the Athens School of Fine Arts when she was already working as a professional in the fields of writing and translation. Her appreciation for and knowledge of poetry and literature has seeped into her painting: It shows in the written words or verses that are often inscribed on the surface of her paintings.

Nikos Karouzos’s poems have actually been a constant source of inspiration for Koskiniotou.
One of the paintings in the exhibition makes reference to the poetry of Sappho.
Rendered in imaginative and broadranging color combinations, Koskiniotou’s paintings depict forms of nature (seeds are a recurring theme) which express origins but also feature shapes that look like ladders and symbolize man’s more spiritual and mental quests.

Koskiniotou paints in layers and in many cases “carves” lines (or words) on the surface. This helps give her paintings the texture of stone, a material quality that enhances the warmth that her work puts across. The exhibition is a mature body of work by an emerging female artist. "Origins and Ladders" is at the Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery.